31 maj 2013

3 days left in Cape Town.

Last day at office. Feels unreal, cause it just feels like any day. Been here 9 months. Gonna be away for 3. But it's gonna be great to come to Sweden too, I feel that now. The best part is probably that it's getting to summer that side, can't complain about that when it's just raining and raining here right now.

I will miss a lot of people. Peter, Que, Mumz, Jamie, Kate, Karina, Anna&Felicia(but we might see each other in Sweden), Wesley, Amira, Moses, Ruschka. And everyone else. I made some really great friends here. But yeah, I will be back and I hope they wont forget me in 3 months :)

I will also come home and see Dina, Matilda, Johanna, Malin, Jessica, Madde, Sandra, mum, dad, sisters and brothers, so I shouldn't complain at all.

This last weekend in Cape Town gonna have to be awesome!

Got some really nice words from a woman I've been working with a bit; 
Hey Tania, trust you good and so am I.Just want to say go well and all the best back home till you come back again to the Mother City.You gonna be missed a lot, by everyone you've crossed paths with and thank you for making difference in all the projects/children you've working with . Cheers, till we meet again * *

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