21 juni 2013

15 000 km.

You are all saying; You are back there in 3 months, it's gonna be quick, time will fly.
I'm saying; Times is fucking ticking. Slow.

It's not that I don't like it here. It's not that I'm sad. It's just that I miss Cape Town and my life there and everything that it includes and today I really miss Peter. I just do. And yes, I'm scared. Scared that 3 months is longer than it sounds.

I try to think positive, or not to think at all. But you who know me know that it's not me. I am a thinker, an analyser. I can be so damn logical sometimes. But at the same moment I go crazy and my feelings are just getting in the way of my brain.

I wish I could bring my family and my closest friends to Cape Town. Then everything would be perfect. But I can't get everything, I know that.

Time is ticking way to slow...

This is home, but it's not. Who knows how that feels? I do. And it's really confusing.

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