24 juni 2013

Good mor.... day!

Slept till 12. That was needed. Been a long weekend with lots of work and way too less hours of sleeping. Today I'm kind of off. But I took an extra shift so I will work tonight again, starting at 10 pm.. Money is funny in a rich mans world you know...

I really feel like I just want the days to pass by, so the nice days can come. On friday my friend Malin is coming here, from Eskilstuna. That will be nice! I need to do something, for me, something fun. The 3 weeks I've been home have been mostly about work.

I really miss my life in CT. I don't wanna complain about it. But it's so totally different lives and it's hard to explain to anyone. Sometimes I feel very lonely because of this. Because no one here knows how I feel and what I'm talking about and neither do anyone in CT because they don't know what I'm comparing with here in Sweden. And it's hard to complain about something that no one understands. I will only sound like a spoiled complaining bitch that should be happy that she is in Sweden with her family and friends and soon again will see her friends in CT. But still, I'm just saying, it's actually hard and I don't feel very good about it.

Gotta take a walk/run now and clear my head.

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