7 juni 2013

New start

I've promised myself to take care a little bit more of myself when I'm here in Sweden. Take care of my body and my health. I will be honest with you. In SA I lived like this:
* almost no exercising
* alcohol more than 4 days a week
* lots of burgers and pizza
* way too much cigarettes

I gained 4,5 kilos when I was there. Not that much and I don't really care about weight. BUT I lost all my muscles and my body is softer than it ever been and I feel so damn unfit and unhealthy. I'm not happy with that. I'm not used to it, that's why. It's not "me"!

I never been a health freak and I never will be. I like the good life and I won't stop that. BUT I will start to think a little bit now. Way less alcohol, way less cigarettes and way more exercising. Also, I will try to eat better food, for sure. No fast food for me! In SA it's harder to stay away from it, the food is so cheap and also the hamburgers in SA is of another world, SO good.

It will start today.

I will take a walk to my sisters house later on, it's a walk of 5 kilometers. It's a start. I hate to run so we will see. I probably just take longer and longer walks. Maybe some intervals. And, lots of sit ups and push ups!

Wish me luck.

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