11 juni 2013

The good life

First day at work. And it was great! These kids! I love them. It felt good to feel that they really missed me. And I've missed them more than I realised too. And all the new kids seems really great too. I think it's a really nice and calm group right now. Good for me, to start with that. To work as much as I'm going to this summer doesn't feel like a problem at all. To be at work feels like being home. Gosh, I've missed it more than I could ever imagine.

Tomorrow I'm off again and the day will be spent in the sun. I try to capture the nice weather as long as it's here. You never know with swedish weather.. And I will also swim at least 500 meters! Some kind of exercise every day, that's the promise for this summer. (I'm allowed to skip it when I work 12 hours/day or when I'm on a trip somewhere)

Well, I'm tired. Good night.

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