23 juli 2013

Oh hello..

Hey. I've been away from this blog for a while now. Haven't got any time or mood for it. I think, when I feel good and calm I don't "need" to write. Because I must say that I have this blog mostly for me, to have somewhere to ventilate my thoughts and feelings. It's relieving. Things that I maybe want people to know but don't really know how or when to tell them. And sometimes for myself, to write it, think about it and after I feel much better about stuff.

Sweden treats me really good. Been the best summer in years. Lots of sun! Good times at work. And good times with family and friends. Needed. I feel like I know more know about me, how I feel, what I want and what's and who's important for me.

One more month left here. Time flies!! Got lot's of time off in august so I will have time to do what I want to and to hang out with people that I don't know when I see again.

I don't know how long I will stay in SA this time. No plan. I take it as it comes. Life in a bag again. I love it. Freedom. Easy. Happy. No worries about what I should do in the future. There is no need of making plans for next year, it will change on the way anyway. Since 3 years back I don't plan more than 3-6 months.. I don't need more. I don't think anyone need more than that if you think about it. You cant know what's gonna happen on the way anyway. And if you think you can plan your whole life you will probably just end up disappointed. Like you failed. That's just stressing! Life for the day or the week at least and you will see that life will be more fun and easy for you. The only thing you need to know that you have somewhere to live, some money to survive and friends around that cares about you!

With that I say; ENJOY LIFE! NOW.

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