3 september 2013

No more complaining

Was walking down Long Street. Brought some small money and thought I was gonna go buy some food for some of the street kids if I met them. Saw one of the guys sitting alone. Went up to him and we talked. I asked him how he was and he said he was all good, just one problem.. 
"what is the problem?" I asked. 
"I really need to cut my hair..." 
He told me he had to run to do some business (business I don't wanna know about I guess) and when he came back I just said; "hey, let's go cut your hair, so that you can be problem free for one day, ok?" 

Said and done.

I'm just thinking. How come that cutting your hair can be your biggest problem when you are living on the streets? Well, maybe what WE think are problems are just normal and a part of life for these kids. Nothing to complain about. Just live with it.

I also think I should stop complaining about some stuff. Like the weather. Or that I'm having a cold. It's gonna be summer soon. And the cold is gonna go away sooner or later.

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