19 februari 2014

R.I.P Micke Carlsson

It's not like you were a very close friend of mine. But I known you since I was a kid. You were in the same school as my brother. I played handball with you sister. I played in your house with her when I was about 11 years old. Later we lived in the same small town, had a lot of friends in common and in 2010 we went to Roskilde Festival together in my fathers old school caravan. You were one of these people I would always stop and talk to, you would always ask "how's your brother?" and you would always have a smile on your face! So many people liked you a lot. I can imagine that the atmosphere in Mjölby right now is very weird. Everyone knew you, more or less, somehow. It's so very sad when someone pass away this young. I can't imagine how it feels for your family and close friends. I never lost anyone young and close. Only old people that you kind of expect they don't have too much time left. This is something different. So unpredictable! Sad. Vila i frid.

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