6 juni 2014


Im leaving next week thursday. I have to say I am not too sad to leave this weather. Yesterday it was about 8 degrees, rain, hail, stormy weather. The worst part is that it's so fu**ing cold inside too. I am used to cold. I am from Sweden. Facts. It is cold in Sweden most of the year. But it's always warm inside. I never have to be cold inside. Here, in winter, it's cold both outside and indoor. No central heating. Cold floors. Doors and windows that are not sealed. I can sometimes feel a breeze in my room.. Brrrrrrr.

Last year I was really nervous about leaving 3 months. It felt so long. And I was scared that it would be weird for me and Peter also. We had just been dating for 6 months. This time it all feels much better. First of all, it's only 2 months. And I feel more comfortable with everything. Me, Peter, work. And I'm also REALLY looking forward to meet all the people in Sweden. Friends, family, people at work etc. And Croatia... oh... Croatia. I think that is my favourite place in the world. Not to LIVE in, but really my favourite place to visit. More relaxing place is hard to find.

So. Last days here.. I'm expecting a lot of friends, party and happiness.

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