2 april 2015

6 months in Sweden

So, it happens to be that I will be in Sweden for 6 months this year. It's very exciting and also very scary. It's WAY out of my comfort zone, for sure. But I am pretty sure that what doesn't kill us really makes us stronger. I think Cape Town showed me how to make every situation the best as possible and that it's actually up to me to make sure I am happy. I will not be that bored and depressed in Swedish winter this time as I would a few years back. There is always things to do to feel better.

It's not that I dislike Sweden. It's just that it's not "home" anymore. Not as much as Cape Town is home. It will be some days when I will struggle hard with the cultural differences and yeah, the weather in november/december :) But I will also have so much fun!


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