4 november 2015

Selfie time

So. It was time for a change. This time the hair! I have not had dark hair since 2012. I've missed it. I'm not 100% convinced but what to do :) It's done. What I do need is some sun, I look very pale with this hair :) Also, I AM very pale in fact. Haha.

I am starting to miss Cape Town more and more. I miss the fun. The chill. The wine. Janilla. I miss to go out and dance till late in the night or early in the morning. I miss day drunk. I miss the ocean I miss the pool. I miss the food. I miss a lot of people.

 This month is gonna be kinda crazy though. Work work work, party, Greece ( refugee aid), Stockholm Student Fair ( Southern Ambition stuff). More work. Madde asked me how many days I have in a year, since I do so much stuff all the time. I do not feel like that's it, but yeah, I am for sure a very restless soul. I do get bored quick and I need action in my life. I think this is why I can not see myself living in Sweden yet. YET. I think I do know I will later. Maybe. Haha. No idea. I change that idea every day, so I better not even try to decide yet. I need more time to figure that out. I need more Cape Town to see if it is Cape Town that I want.

 Ps. I am SO tired of all the racist shit that is going on in this country. It is scary and sad.

 Good night.

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