30 september 2013

I have so much to say but nothing to write

I've lost it. The feeling of writing about stuff. I don't know why.

I actually respect my private life much more today than I did before. I don't feel like I need or should share it with too many people. Probably because my life is fucking great and I don't need to prove something. I KNOW it is great. And I don't care anymore if other people wouldn't think so.

With this said; I should take care of what I have, a little bit better. If I loose this life I will hate myself for a long time. I have so great people around me, it's almost silly. The best man I have ever met is my boyfriend, his friends are awesome, my co workers are also my little SA family, everyone in my life is great actually. I picked them with love and I know they all love me back.

I always felt weird, left outside, like I didn't fit in. Because in Sweden you need to fit in... that's the simple answer to why life s easier here; you can always be yourself, you don't have to fit in. That's such a nice thing.

So, I will see how this blog is gonna work out... I'm not sure. I don't even take a lot of pictures anymore and if I do I just put them up at instagram or facebook. And also, it is like 20 people that reads this blog... It's not very exciting. When I was a whining emo girl I had about 150 readers at least, some days. (I guess it's more fun to read about peoples problems and sadness than about a happy person that lives a fucking nice life)

Good night.

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