22 januari 2014


no, I'm not gonna blog about my training and my food, I've tried that before and it's just not for me.

BUT I wanna mention that the last days I've been eating good food, had basically NO sugar and no "bad" stuff (aka no chips or other snacks) and I have been doing some stuff like basic muscle training at home and went to swim for 30 minutes today.
I will really try to keep this, make it a part of my everyday life. Nothing big and nothing too serious. Next week I will also start playing soccer again! The season will start in february so it's perfect timing. Feel inspired.

Otherwise. Still lots of work. But it's my favourite months in Cape Town now. January - April are great! Matilda is also coming back to visit and hopefully Johanna will come too. On the top of that Karina is coming back to do some work with Southern Ambition for 2 months. AWESOME I say.

Beach day tomorrow. Hard work. NOT. Haha. (taking two new Interns to have breakfast in town and then hitting Clifton) After that 2 meetings, so yes I will actually work... :)


(there is so many things I wanna write about when it comes to politics and racism in Sweden. I am pissed... But I am too tired to write. Maybe tomorrow. )

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