30 januari 2014

Life is supposed to be fun

No. Life is not SUPPOSED to be hard. It's supposed to be fun, beautiful, lovely. I think people that have a chance to make their life all of this, should. I can not accept people complaining about their boring life and their boring job and their boring city, and then they don't try to change it.

Think about all the people in this world that has NO chance to follow their dreams. That are stuck in their lives. They have no option. I think everyone complaining about their life and not trying to change it when they actually CAN, should feel ashamed and ungrateful.

I refuse to work just to make money. I refuse to have a job I hate. I refuse to go to a gym just to be healthy and look good. I refuse to read a book or watch a movie because I "should". I refuse to learn new things if I don't want to or have to, just because society thinks I "should" know it. I refuse to do anything that I don't like, if I don't HAVE to. And when would I really have to?  Life is too short to waste on things that are not making me happy.

I am lucky. Lucky that I can chose. I have a choice. And I've decided to be thankful and make the best out of that. To be as happy as I can be. If I'm gonna be healthy I'm gonna find a FUN way of doing that. Not spending even ONE hour of the day doing something boring, if I don't have to.

And I refuse to do what society think everyone should do. I don't give a shit I'm turning 30 this year and I don't even have my own place, I don't have kids, I don't have a work permit in the country I'm living. I'm kind of "floating" around. And I love it! I'm around friends that I love. I live in a beautiful country. I see my friends and family in Sweden every year. I'm happy here.

Please, enjoy your life to the fullest, think about those who can't and do it for them! Appreciate what you have! Live YOUR life and no one else's!

And every now and then, try to do something for someone else. Volunteer one day. Donate old clothes. Give away some food to that guy outside your house looking for food in the garbage. It's easy. Appreciate what you have.

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