5 februari 2014

Fail of the week

So far this week I failed a little bit...

* since friday I had about 100g chocolate (when someone bring swedish chocolate I think that's ok)
* yesterday I had a handful of chips
* still eating way to much carbs. POTATOES are so good!

Good thing: Today I swam 1,1 km in 40 minutes and I really think I can do it faster and also swim 1,5 km soon. Trying to take it slow. But swimming is really my thing! It's also relaxing and a good way of being alone with my thoughts. Some kind of therapy for me!

Today I'm making chicken, tomatoes, pepper, mushrooms, onion and rice for dinner.
Then I'm gonna keep on watching Game of Thrones. I'm on season 3 episode 4 now. Getting better and better! After that I will watch House of Cards.

Well, that was a really boring blog post from me. Haha. Hope you enjoyed.

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