4 februari 2014

OK. I will do it. I will fucking blog about my "new life". 
At least in the beginning.
And I don't care if it's boring to read about.
I do write this blog for ME more than for YOU.
I have no self discipline at all, that's why I need to do this. Make it a thing. Write about it. Tell people about it. So I feel like I fail to other people, not just to myself. Then I don't care. SO.

This week;
Sunday : Swam 1km.
Monday: 100 reps of sit ups, push ups and squats. (only 80 push ups)
Tuesday: Swam about 600 m + 15 min core & 100 squats

So from now when I write a post, I will always end it with the exercise of the day.
Maybe I will tell you what I eat to? No... fuck it. That's too boring even for me to write about!

So, I will try to push myself a little harder in 1-2 weeks. This is not hard enough. But I have been lazy and unhealthy for almost 2 years now, so I need to be nice to myself and not rush in to this.

If I could look a little bit more like this in 6 months from now, I will be glad.
This is almost 2 years ago.

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