6 februari 2014

Just saying

I've realised even more this week how much I appreciate him. How good he actually is. How much I actually trust him. He allows me to be me, but he also lets me know when I cross the line and talk to me and let me express my feelings without making me feel like a bad person. He makes me trust myself, something I had big problems with before. Can't even explain how much that means to me. How much I need a person like that in my life. I don't even think he knows how good he is. I have a lot of drama around me at the moment, friends drama, friends problems, not mine. But it really makes me see how lucky I am. And I am so damn happy we got here, grew in this and solved a lot of things that could have messed it all up really bad. But we didn't. We fixed it BEFORE it was too late. That's something new for me. Rationality. Something I'm trying to learn and use in my life more and more. Feelings are good to have and to show, but I need to breathe and count to 10 before I "spit" it out! Im still learning. And he is letting me.. Love him for that.

Simply happy.
Two weeks after we met. I was nervous to hang out with his friends. You know "are they gonna like me?"

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