7 februari 2014


Haha, so yesterday I had chips. Way too much of it. Also, I couldn't really exercise a lot. My leg hurts. I got a bad cramp on wednesday while swimming. So today I think I will have to take a LONG walk to soften it up. No laziness is allowed. No excuses.

It's finally weekend. But the weekend is full of work anyway. But fun stuff so it's ok. Tomorrow Catherine arrives from Uppsala. She will run an art project at an orphanage. Southern Ambition got a 20 000 rand scholarship for this and we chose her with help from Fryshuset in Stockholm. Im very excited. Also she seems like a very nice person. Right now we have such a nice group of volunteers/Interns here. Everyone is very easy going and they all hang out and have fun together.

I miss a proper phone. Or mostly a phone with a proper camera. I have like NO photos from the last month and it sucks. Pictures are important to me. It's memories saved in the best way. I will have to bring my normal camera more often.

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