16 april 2014

1,5 year.

Time flies! It's been 1,5 year now since I met Peter the first time. When I think about it, when I think about the relationships I had before him, I get amazed about how we made this. How me went through stuff without too much drama. My whole life been too much drama. And yes, most of the time I started drama, because of my lack of trust and my insecurity. Also, I dated a lot of assholes, or people that were not ready to commit at all. A lot of feelings has been hurt on the way. But I am stronger now. I am more calm. I really love my life and I think that is the answer. I feel like I am where I should be. I love myself much more now. That is the key to a lot of things.

Anyway. 2 more months in Cape Town, then off to Sweden for 2 months. I am really looking forward to it. I'm gonna take walks in the middle of the night, eat home made swedish food, drink NICE milk, see all the amazing people, have a beer in the park, swim in the lakes, drive on the right side, longboard, drink good coffee, swim in my sisters pool, play with my niece and lots of other great things. In august we will have some amazing reunion days in Stockholm. Me, Peter, Mumz, Malin, Elin, Anna, Felicia, Karina, Rebecca, Berber. Hopefully everyone can come!

 For now it's a lot of work. Mostly preparations for next semester. I have a LOT of students coming for Internships. It's really cool how the word of mouth works. We don't spend a lot of money for advertising at all. It's all facebook or word of mouth. Amazing. We starting to get a really good rumour in Sweden. We are growing!

 Some pics from Sweden last year.

My Longboard Homie Diana
My brother Peter and my uncle Magnus

At my sisters house with my sisters and husband, my mother and my nieces

My Niece Othilia

Swedish kebab Pizza

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