23 maj 2014


I had so much in my head last night that I wanted to write about. But I was too tired. Now most of it is gone. This is my problem, this is why I sometimes bomb people with text messages when I feel something, when I wanna say something, because I forget. I want it to be told so I just HAVE to do it at the moment it comes to my mind.

The basic is. I have so much respect for a lot of my closest friends here. And Peter is one of them. I respect his thoughts, his view of life, his way of respecting himself and his principles. He is probably the most open minded guy I have ever met. And with me, I think I'm also very open minded and have a big passion for politics, feminism, refugee rights, being against child abuse etc, you kind of have to be that person to handle to have me around. Haha, I don't know how many times I been on "fire" because of talking about feminism, hitting children, refugees rights and much other things. To able to actually talk about these things and be respected for it... It means a lot. I respect people that respect me. Might sound easy but seriously, I met a lot of people that couldn't handle me being like this. You know, a girlfriend "should" be nice, quiet, sweet, understanding, caring and loving. Not questioning, annoying, loud etc... :)

I also respect him for wanting to learn new things. To change without changing who you are is a very important thing if you wanna be in a relationship at all. I learned a lot the last 10 years. About me and my behaviours. I learned to respect myself but also to respect that everyone is not like me. To compromise is very important to keep people in your life, I learned. I am still learning though, and Peter has changed me a lot. I learned to trust so much more. I learned to breathe, to not freak out about everything and to TALK about things. Talk talk talk talk. It sounds so simple, but it isn't always that easy. Especially when I have to do it in another language than my own language. Thanks to text messages I say, it works out better. I can write it down, slow and think about it, instead of trying to find words and phrases in the moment I am upset. Peter also learned me to be patience. To give it time to think about it and let things sink in first, before I react too much. Rationality is a bigger part of my emotional life now than ever before.

I blame the south european temper I have in my blood for my irrationality, haha!

I also know I taught Peter a lot when it comes to a lot of things. But that's not my thing to tell you about.

OK, I'm not sure what I wanted with this blog post. But there you go.

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