22 maj 2014

We will see..

I have an idea in my head. Something I wanna write about. I wanna write about how my love for P is based on so much respect and it has been from the beginning. I have the words in my head, in swedish. I just have to try to write it down in english. We will see..

If not. You can always ask me when you see me next time and I will try to explain.

I simply just respect so much about him.

And I know you know that I have been a little sad because of me and P the last weeks. BUT every relationship has its ups and downs. I just chose to write about it in public sometimes, when most people would not. I never been scared about letting other people know I'm sad. I just always been bad at telling. So writing it down here or on facebook or wherever does actually help me in the progress of trying to sort things out. And it may sound more dramatic than it is. It's up to you to read it however you want to, but if you actually did care, you would have asked me how I am a long time ago anyway...

Yeah, I will definitely write something tomorrow again. About a lot of things. Got many ideas now..

Good night.

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