22 maj 2014

The feminist is awake

I get so tired of the discussion about strip clubs. "Some girls actually WANT to strip, they think it's fun. Everyone is not a drug addict or poor and MUST strip. For some it's a choice "

It is NOT the problem dear little manly man. The problem is that we live in a world where women are supposed to entertain men, preferably as undressed as possible. The problem is that there even ARE strip clubs. If someone likes to undress in front of strangers, that person may do so at their free time. It should NOT be a profession. The majority of those who work at a strip club doing it because they have no other choice at the moment. Because it gives money. How many men would do the same to put food on the table? Probably not many. There you have the problem. Society has decided that it's a little more ok to do some uncomfortable things for money, if you are a woman. I wanna vomit on so many men around me that still, 2014, can not see that this is wrong.

Do not go to strip clubs. Do not support anything like that. You might as well buy sex from a prostitute in this case, with the "I just want to be nice so she can earn money and eat food for the day". You know what? If that's WHY you go to a strip club you may as well just wait until they finished their shift and then just give the girl some money?

And no. It's not a big difference between prostitution and strip clubs.

Why is it so hard to understand this?

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