27 september 2015

It's been a while

I seriously did not have any time to write.
I have never in my life been this busy. In a good way. Here are so many things to do, in areas where I feel needed and wanted. I would call myself a workaholic at the moment, I NEED this, I would feel lost without it. Work is the funniest part of my life at the moment and it doesn't bother me one second.

Europe is in a weird situation. More of a situation that big parts of the world always been in. But you know, when it happens here, people are in chock. People can not believe "it is happening here". Time to wake up people! The WHOLE world is fucked up. Europe is not a safe bubble anymore. Time to  stand up and DO something.
I will probably go down south-east again to work a few days for the refugees rights. I think about it every day. Things I've seen. Things I've heard. People I met. I am needed. Everyone is needed there. The resources are not enough, not even close. So, anyone that CAN do something, should. This is a part of the history that  you will tell your grandchildren about. Do you want the question "so, grandma, what did YOU do to help?" and only have the answer"nothing"... ? I seriously think this will be the world war III in the history books.

I have 3, 5 more months here. Half time is now. Feels weird. I do miss Cape Town, but I am not ready to go back. I hope I feel ready in January.

Well, it's only a flight ticket away, and I am fortunate enough to have that choice of "just go back if it doesn't feel right"

I need another year to figure out what it is that does feel right.

Ps. I am finally so over that old ex of mine, and I feel FREE and happy again. I like ME again and I am moving on with my life, stronger than before. I hope that he will find peace in his lost soul one day too. 

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