23 september 2016

Time is irrelevant

Time is a weird thing.
Some things feels like they happened a few weeks ago, but it was actually years ago.
Some things feels like it was a lifetime ago, but it was just a few months ago.

I know that I am soon turning 32. But what does that mean, 32 years?
I just know that I appreciate getting older.
I do never wanna be 20-25 again. Confusing years.
I would not mind being 11 forever though.

Still learning. So much. THAT never gets old. No one knows everything. I believe that even when you are 75 you feel confused sometimes. "What do I want and need?" might never be answered.

And that is ok.

I know one thing only; I want to live NOW and appreciate today and tomorrow. I do not live my life to plan what to do when I am 60. That shit is just stressing and depressing, because you will change your mind so many times on the way anyway.

I do not plan my life more than 6-12 months ahead. And I am glad, because it never ended up the way I thought it would anyway. I love it. The unknowing.

I have no idea what this blog post is about. I am just awake, can not sleep, and think a bit too much.

I miss Cape Town, and can not wait to go. But as every year, I feel a bit scared. And I do always think "do I wanna live in Sweden?". Do I ? No. I do not think so. So for the next 9 months I will be in Cape Town and then another 3 months in Sweden. After that, who knows! Max 12 months planning...

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