26 maj 2017

New Routines

Erika is staying with me these last 2 months I am around. It's great, we get so much more time to spend together now, before I am leaving for 3 months.

Having him around has helped me starting some better routines. I go sleep earlier, I wake up earlier and we have started to work out a bit in the mornings. It's just 30-45 minutes but it is something! I have not exercised at all for probably 2 years. This is really something I need. And I really hope I will continue in Sweden, even if I have to find a way to motivate myself, which is my biggest issue. I always find excuses. I will really try this time!

About routines. The 2 cats that stay with me in this house; Stella and Monkey. I will miss them. Stella waits outside my room every morning, then run after me to the bathroom and then again back into my rum and jumps up at my bed and wants a cuddle. Too cute!

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