24 maj 2017

28 days

Again, time. you FLY! 28 days left, really?!

It's getting colder here, but winter has been taking its time to get here indeed, and I am not sad about it. Winter... well... it's like autumn in Sweden. But the thing I never get used to is the cold inside of houses. At the moment it is about 20 degrees outside during the days, but I am sure it is like 15 degrees inside, COLD for me. I am used to 20 minus but then to get inside where it is at least 25 degrees all year around.

Anyway, talking about the weather, really?

What can I say, life is a roller coaster indeed. Feels like so much happened the last 6 months that I am not sure what to focus on if someone asked me what I have been up to.

Work is fun. Lot's of things to do, but in a good way. I am so impressed about what we created in just a year. It is actually really cool! I have become some kind of logistics pro, without even realising it. And I actually really like it. Who is coming when, where will she stay, where can she work, does she needs something special, will she come on Garden Route, should I put her on the list, what do I do if she cancel last minute, How many people are coming next year and where can I put them, how do we get them to their project and who will take them when? Etc etc!
Check out our website www.africansunrisevolunteers.co.za  , it will be updated soon to even better!

Anyway, just a simple update about my not too exciting life :)

See you soon Sweden.

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