13 mars 2017

Less than 4 months

It's March, this is normally when I start to think about Sweden again. Booked my ticket back, contacted my jobs to see what and where I will work during the 3 months back that side ( I was gonna write back home, but this is home.. but that is also home.. haha. whatever, you know what I mean)
I am looking forward to the time in Sweden, but I do not wanna go yet! But it is nice that I found peace in being both sides. I do miss daylight bright summer nights, family, friends, some of the food (kebabtallrik, falukorv and potatoes that actually tastes something for example). I miss to feel safe outside, even in evenings. But after 3 months I am so ready to go back home to CT, trust me, it get's a bit boring, and the knowledge about winter on it's way makes it much easier!

I've gotten into a very lazy mode the last weeks. I lost all my energy. You know what I think I need? Exercise. But I just can not find myself doing it. How can it be so hard!? I am just talking about a walk in the morning or to get to the soccer on Tuesdays ( I promise to try go there tomorrow) or do some sit ups and push ups at home. But nope, nothing. I find myself working instead, or washing, or doing dishes, or watching series. Well, I hope it get's back soon.. Any ideas how to inspire myself?

Series.. at the moment I am following:
Sneaky Pete
This is Us

Favourite is This is Us, for sure! But, Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn) has a fantastic part in Homeland this season, great actor! But how many seasons can Homeland go on for? Not so sure.. Riverdale is just another Teenage Series where the teenagers all look like they are over 20, but I like the Archie theme... And, it's perfect to watch when I am a bit tired. I just started to watch Sneaky Pete, and I am not sure how much I like it, but it is absolutely ok! Suits... one season too much? I kinda think so, not really exciting anymore. I just put my eyes on "Harvey", that's all :)
Oh harvey... 

Oh by the way, last weekend we organised a soccer tournament for fundraising. We raised R5000 only to have people come and play, have fun, eat some and dance some ( Thanks Metabs for the beats). I love organising events like this, it's a lot of planning, organising and work behind it, but when it is done, it is always so worth it!

Here is a pic of me and Erika from that day. Me in a Swedish t-shirt, of course ( GO ZLATAN)!

I wish I could blog about something fun... But... there is not much fun at the moment to update you about..

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