1 mars 2017


January was SO slow. February just disappeared. Crazy fast! Not sure how or why. I now have less than 4 months left here before I go to Sweden again. But 4 months is in one way a lot. Lot of things can happen.. I am aware of that..

Got home from another Garden Route Monday evening. That route starts to feel like home now. The roads, the hostels, the people. I love it. My favourite is still Myoli Beach in Sedgefield. It's amazing. Big, quite and the prettiest sunset AND sunrise. I wish there was a beach like that a little bit closer to Cape Town..

This week is full of admin. Planning. Emails. Phone calls. make sure things are sorted. On Saturday we are hosting a soccer tournament to fundraise for Breaking Bread Community Development  
Will be lots of fun but it also includes a lot of planning and organising and make sure people are coming etc, and things like these tends to be slightly more difficult in SA than in Sweden. People just live with the "manana manana" thinking. And it is awesome most of the time, but not when it comes to things like this. For example, I clearly wrote that 28th of Feb was last day to pay to be part of the tournament.. Today is the 1st of march and have even half of the teams paid? Nope.. Haha! I mostly laugh about it and do not get stressed anymore, but it is a bit frustrating sometimes. I could have all sorted, planned and fixed by now, and could relax until Saturday morning, now I know I will sit with this until Friday evening, and get teams to wanna book Saturday morning basically... Stress because of too LITTLE to do, and too much unorganised stuff. In Sweden you stress because everyone is super organised, want things to be done fast and stress you to hurry up... Different kind of stress, indeed! I think I prefer the South African stress though. Because it is just about to learn to not stress, and take it as it comes and when something comes up, I can fix it, until then, I can not do anything about it so why stress about it?

Ok a lot of bla bla bla about stress... Enough of that!

I have work to do! Laters - haters and lovers!

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