20 februari 2017

Another Monday

Today has been a very typical Monday. A Monday in Cape Town.
I set my alarm for 7.30. I don't need more than 8 hours sleep. What happened? I snoozed till 9 anyway. I always tend to do so. When you are your own bosses you can come to office at 11... Nice, but bad for my sleeping habits. So, I ended up sleeping too much and got a head ache the whole day. So stupid. I was supposed to wake up and take a morning walk... Yeah right..
Got to office about 11 and worked for about 4 hours. Then went buying some food ( chicken , tuna, sallad, egg, milk... whatever, trying to eat healthy ok!) and then home to make laaate lunch.
I was supposed to go and meet someone at 5 to talk a bit but she had to cancel so I am now in bed, working a little bit more ( I mean, 4 hours is a bit too little even if we are our own bosses) and then I will watch series.. I LOVE THAT I HAVE WIFI THAT CAN HANDLE TO DOWNLOAD MOVIES/SERIES haha... An episode of a 45 min show takes about 20 minutes to get, not too bad!

Erika is on a 5 day hike, no phone. It's boring to not be able to share my days with him, want to tell him about Saturday night, how tired I was on Sunday and how great "This is Us" is ( best series in a long time) and how much I miss him! And on Friday I go on a Garden Route trip so won't see him until Monday night again.. Well, we did 4 months away from each other last year and then another month in november.. We are ok !

Yeah, that's a Monday for me...

How are you all doing? Not sure anyone will read this tho.. But yeah, if you want to know about my life from 2006 - 2013 this blog tells a LOT! Dig in to the archive, stalkers.. :) 

Me and Cj at work, promoting a young boys caps! 

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