17 februari 2017


I am trying to get a blog written for African Sunrise ( the company I run with my friend CJ) but I just can't find anything that I really wanna write about. It somehow should have to do with volunteering/Internships/Cape Town/community work or whatever. There should be plenty things to write, I know... I just can't find the right inspiration!
I am so used to write like this, about me, my life, my thoughts... I am not sure that is right for the company blog!? Maybe I should just write about my view of Cape Town? I am not sure...

Anyhow.. Life goes on here in Cape Town. I moved back to Obz, and I love it. I do not miss town at all to be honest. Here you have so many nice cafes and restaurants close around, you can walk to all of them, I know people, I just feel comfortable. I can go to town when I need, it's just 5 km away (Uber is 60 rand .. 40 kronor!).. I also stay in the best house since I moved to South Africa, and have the easiest house mate in Kirsten. Calmness.

Me and Erika are good. Very good. And I am so happy. It's been a journey of 10 months. True rollercoaster. Life is a rollercoaster though. I know it. And the downs are the ones that takes you up later. As long as I know we know what we want I am ok. I know! He is a very humble, honest and loving person and I have never felt like this before in my 32 (!) years of being alive.

Visa story.... Well, I am working on it, trying to find a way around it. A way to be allowed to stay in this country! It's amazing how hard it is even though I spent the last 5 years here.. But I will not give up. This is where I wanna be. I know!

So, just an update about my life I guess...

Will end with my favourite pic of me and Erika....

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