31 januari 2017

Just something to start with

Hey hi hello.

Have been some crazy months of my life. Lots of stress and mess but also a lot of love and fun.
I do not fell like my blog is the place anymore to share too much personal stuff.
But I can let you know that I have been through some of my toughest challenges, in several ways and I can only feel one thing about it now; Happiness.
I am so happy that this all have made me stronger, so much stronger. I know so much more about me and what I need and what I want. Oh, I also feel a lot of gratitude. For so many things. Life is not fair and you are a lucky bastard if you have the good things on your side. I am lucky at the moment. I know I will face more struggles, but I also know that I will be able to face them now. I will not run away anymore. I will face it, go through it and come out stronger from it.

That's all for now. BUT I promise to start write more again, ok!?

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