21 november 2016

Life is so fragile

I did not want my next blogpost to be negative.
But I have been too busy to write during the good days.
Now I just really have to get something down here.

I have been through the hardest week of my life.
I never thought I would experience something like this.
I knew I took a risk when I got into this. But you know, it's always like that, "it will not happen to me".. But it did. And at the moment I am just truly sad. Sadness never been bigger in me I think.
I want to hope and believe and trust.

We will see. He is strong. And apparently I am too... Stronger than I ever thought I would be. I would not have been able to handle this 3 years ago. Not at all. I have learned so much about myself the last years, it's crazy. And such a good feeling. Someone said that love is not enough. And it is true. So let's see if the other parts will catch up with the love. I really deeply hope so.

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